Recasting condoms as a lifestyle badge for young, multicultural men.

Populist worked with b condoms to help shape the narrative for its pioneering line of condoms in an effort to increase adoption among young, multicultural men in the U.S.

Condom marketing in the U.S. — especially those efforts targeting at-risk groups — tends to appeal to users’ health and wellbeing. That approach’s shortcomings compelled b condoms to rethink a strategy to condom promotion for young, multicultural men in the U.S. 

Populist collaborated with b condoms in an effort to use a ‘lifestyle’ brand as a strategic tool to reshape the narrative surrounding safer sex. By using a user-centric approach to marketing and sales, b condoms is converting more young men into customers of its condoms.

Leveraging their industry expertise and creativity, the Populist team delivered results that far exceeded our expectations. Our experience with Populist continues to be an integral part of our success and growth.
— Reggie Thornton & Jason Panda, b condoms