Extending life-long clean water access to rural communities.

Populist and Water Collective worked to design a more imaginative and effective post-installation process for clean water management.

Water Collective is spearheading the development of clean water infrastructure in rural Cameroon, where the engagement of village leaders is critical to the successful ongoing maintenance of the local water supply.

The ensure the water infrastructure’s long-term sustainability, Populist partnered with Water Collective to concept creative communication ideas designed to strategically engage village leaders in the post-installation process - when local engagement is most critical to success. The concepts, now being prototyped in Cameroon, will work to drive more efficiencies and effectiveness for water maintenance outcomes.

The Populist team is one of the most creative, intelligent, and innovative teams we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their ability to unravel a challenge and then condense it into easy, actionable program implementations is incredibly refreshing and stress-free. On our own, it would have otherwise taken us years to produce the same results.
— Sophia Sunwoo, Co-Founder & CEO, Water Collective