Making routine medical care prices transparent for America’s under-
and uninsured.

Populist worked with OkCopay to design a user acquisition strategy as the platform expands in new cities across the U.S.

For Americans, accessing medical pricing information can be a near-impossible task. For those paying out-of-pocket health care costs, like the under- and uninsured, an inability to compare prices can be financially catastrophic. OkCopay, an online platform, is bringing a new measure of clarity to U.S. health care with its searchable database of routine medical procedure pricing.

Populist teamed up with OKCopay to design a national user acquisition strategy and an implementation plan for the platform as the service rapidly expands to multiple new geographies across the country. In addition to better understanding user behaviors and responsively designing strategies, Populist worked to integrate current digital best practices into the platform’s marketing approach.

What we appreciated most about working with Populist was their intense focus on research to guide their work. They uncovered insights we weren’t aware of which were critical to creating a realistic marketing plan to grow our users and scale our impact.
— Touré McCluskey, Founder & CEO, OkCopay