Tackling poor sanitation in Nairobi’s slum communities with a franchise of clean toilets.

Populist, in partnership with GRID Impact, worked with Sanergy to better understand usage barriers to its clean toilet facilities and design influential creative solutions.

Poor sanitation remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Kenya. With a novel franchise model, Sanergy is operationalizing a network of clean toilet facilities in Nairobi’s slum communities, offering residents a safe and dignified service. As the franchise grows, Sanergy is working towards broader adoption of the service, especially among residents who use the slum’s various less hygienic options.

In an effort to understand the possible barriers to use of the clean toilet facilities among community residents, Populist worked with collaborator GRID Impact to conduct immersive field research. We subsequently concepted, designed and prototyped creative ideas responsive to issues impeding clean toilet use. Select creative ideas are currently being evaluated in a randomized control trial. 

The Populist team brought together skills in industry and consumer research with those of design, rapid prototyping, and market testing. We specifically chose to work with Populist due to that combination of depth and breadth of expertise.
— Lindsay Stradley, Co-Founder, Sanergy