Decreasing micronutrient deficiencies with a biscuit.

Populist partnered with Violet Health in India to better understand decision-making among pregnant moms, informing a fortified biscuit’s go-to-market plan.

In much of India, pregnant mothers — as with many other groups — suffer from severe iron deficiencies, impairing the physical and cognitive development of newborns. And while iron pills are sometimes available, adherence to the pills is typically low. Violet Health is bringing a first-of-its-kind iron-fortified biscuit to market as a user-centric alternative.

In an effort to better understand and respond to the nuances of consumption behaviors among pregnant Indian mothers, Populist worked with Violet Health to design and analyze quantitative and qualitative market research. The research’s implications are being used to shape a broad spectrum of marketing decisions, from pricing and distribution to creative communications and packaging design.

It’s hard to overstate how important and influential Populist’s advice and insights have been to our work. Populist probably saved us — at minimum — a year of mistakes and missteps. They are very, very good.
— Matthew Edmundson, Co-Founder, Violet Health